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Taxation - Tax litigation, Personal Income Tax, Tax consultation for Real Estate (Capital Gains Tax) | LM Legal Service Sofia

Tax efficiency is an important element in many of the transactions undertaken on behalf of our clients. Tax planning is a fundamental part of the process of structuring a corporate acquisition, joint venture, investment fund, property venture, project finance or asset finance.

In the ever-changing field of taxation, we work closely with tax specialists giving general tax and structuring advice, in particular on how best to respond to the impact of fiscal change. As tax authorities take an increasingly aggressive approach with taxpayers, we also advise our clients on how best to respond to investigation and challenge.

As companies need to maximise tax benefits in corporate and financial restructurings and navigate complex labour, employment and pensions regulations, tax representation is an integral component of our service to clients. Ultimately, we aim to bring clarity to our clients’ tax issues.

Taxation Services | LM Legal Service Sofia

Our comprehensive consulting services consist of:

• advising on domestic tax over profit and VAT, covering a wide range of financing, corporate and commercial issues together with advice on tax litigation and disputes

• VAT – in addition to advising on pure VAT technicalities, we also provide commercial and practical advice on all forms of corporate, financial and real estate transactions

• Tax litigation

• Personal Income Tax

• Tax consultation for Real Estate (Capital Gains Tax)
Self-assessment – the onus to calculate the tax liability for the year and failure to comply on time can mean penalties and interest being paid. Our team can relieve you of this onus and ensure your return is on time.

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