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Arbitration, Litigation

Arbitration and Litigation. We work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently | LM Legal Services Sofia, Bulgaria

In today’s challenging times, we offer representation before all Courts, inclusive of the Court of Arbitration which could take our clients from the start to finish of a case and the subsequent enforcement or defence of an award.

Our attorneys have expertise in a wide range of substantive areas including enforcement, commercial disputes, intellectual property and arbitration in civil/common law. We analyse each case from the outset using our early case assessment to give a clear picture of its merits and cost effective options; we then prepare all the evidence and attend at the hearings as the case progresses pursuant to a strategy dictated by the client’s objectives. We work with our clients to achieve creative and commercial solutions.

We work to help our clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively – whether through arbitration, litigation or other techniques, in a manner that promotes their business objectives. We also work with clients to minimise future litigation risks.

Arbitration and Litigation | LM Legal Services Sofia, Bulgaria

• Tax & VAT – advising on judicial review and practical remedies to reverse unlawful actions and restrain procedural mishandling of the tax authorities

• Commercial – advising on all aspects of commercial deals

• Real estate, purchasing and conveyancing – handling contractual and development disputes, landlord and tenant disputes

• Intellectual Property – protection of intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademarks, designs and patents

• Securities and litigation – defending issuers, underwriters, investment advisors, officers and directors in securities class actions and derivative suits

• Competition law – counselling on whether business strategies are likely to be challenged under the laws

• Employment – assisting our clients in disputes over compensations and contracts

• Health & Safety – advising on compliance with legal and safety regulations

• Insurance/reinsurance – handling insurance and reinsurance disputes

• Insolvency – dealing with insolvency cases and rehabilitation programs

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