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Settlement and residency of EU citizens

International business requires the movement of key executives, management personnel as well as technical staff across national borders without disruption and legal entanglements. To meet this need, we offer a Settlement and Residency Law Practice as an integral part of the international business services we provide for clients.

Our experience in business settlement planning and strategy enables clients to avoid or minimise potential problems and delays. Naturally, any client inquiry should be made at the earliest opportunity for us to maximise the time available. Our attorneys assist companies and individuals in obtaining short and long term residency, extensions and changes of their status with the view to maintain continuity of employment for key executives and staff and securing permanent resident status for those eligible.

Since the accession of Bulgaria into the European Union, a lot of the national legislation has changed or is in the process of changes to meet the requirements of the European legislation. Human Resource departments of Bulgarian companies have faced new challenges employing international workers whilst benefiting from certain aspects of the new legislation.

We are ready to help solve current settlements dilemmas and to comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

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