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Commercial law

Commercial law - We represent foreign and domestic producers, service suppliers, logistical companies, companies in telecommunications and IT

We provide professional legal assistance in Commercial Law:

We represent foreign and domestic producers, service suppliers, logistical companies, companies in the field of telecommunications and agriculture. Very often we need to act as business consultants, and to provide legal expertise support on all issues vital to the business strategy of a particular company. We relate local expertise to the best of the European legal practice. The recent accession of Bulgaria into the European Union has invoked many amendments to the Bulgarian legislation and to the rules and regulations thereof.

Given our in-depth knowledge of the local expertise, we ensure our client’s activities to be securely based. We also have a particular knowledge of the English law in this field so there is a continuation of services in this way.

Commercial law-Sofia

Anti-money laundering compliance – assisting international and domestic corporations to ensure compliance with anti-money laundering rules and regulations under Bulgarian and European Union laws in the light of Bulgaria’s recent accession into the European Union.

As well as providing legal expertise, the services include, essentially in two parts:

– Business agreements and representation of clients in negotiations of commercial relations. The drafting of commercial contracts e.g. purchasing contracts, leasing contracts, franchising contracts etc. and other commercial papers including bills of exchange and promissory notes.

– Commercial and contract disputes resolution and litigation arising from the business activities


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