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DoNotPay robot lawyer in US court

Donotpay robot lawyer in us court

For the first time in February 2023 a so-called DoNotPay Robot Lawyer will be helping people file complaints in a US court. The 19-year old Joshua Browder created this chat-bot after noticing that many of the parking tickets have been issued unfairly and it is easy to appeal against them in court.

The DoNotPay Robot Lawyer is in fact and AI (Artificial Intelligence) device which follows the court procedure and speaks in the headphones of his client, giving him concrete instructions what to do.

Joshua Browder paid 1 million US dollars for his chat-bot to be admitted to the US court and he plans to broaden the scope of legal issues that his DoNotPay Robot Lawyer can deal with. His aim is chat-bots to replace lawyers, so that people can avoid paying high legal fees for court representations.

The name of the first client who will appeal in a US court is kept secret and Browder’s company DoNotPay has promised to pay the court fees in case that the first client loses his case.

The young inventor has been actively working for the involvement of new technology in human rights issues and three years ago, at the age of 16, he developed and IPhone application for Freedom World, the oldest US human rights organization.

Joshua Browder worked closely with David J Kramer, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor to overcome the restrictions of Chinese censorship and make Freedom Of The World Report available everywhere.

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