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Court of Justice of the European Union – New Fictitious Names

Court of Justice of the European Union – New Fictitious Names
The problem of protecting personal data has been one of the major issues of the European institutions. Some of them like CURIA- Court of Justice of the European Union work with sensitive personal data on a daily basis. The court files are full of names of people and companies and many come across personal data. This is the reason why a new system of fictitious names has been introduced by the Luxembourg based institution at the beginning of this year. As a result of this new system all natural persons and companies that are parties in court trials have received fictitious names. A computer application automatically generats fictitious names by freely combining syllables. These fictitious names do not coincide with the real ones of the parties participating in court cases and in fact they do not exist at all. The new fictitious names have been inscribed in the first raw of the title of the court ruling, as well as on the first page after the number of the court case.

There have been some exceptions after all. New fictitious names have not been given in:

  • preliminary court cases in which one of the parties is a well-known company that can give the name of the court case.
  • claims and appeals the cases are described of in brackets by The Court of Justice of the European Union.
  • cases launched with the purpose to receive an opinion.
  • cases of complaints against rulings of the General Court.
  • cases at the General Court.

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