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Services - Intellectual Property

We have experience in covering copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret matters. Within these areas, our Intellectual Property team will advise the client as to the identification, protection and licensing of intellectual property. In addition, we represent clients in intellectual property-related litigation, including trademark and patent disputes as well as a party in copyright litigation involving new products and novel issues of law.

Trademark Licensing and Assigning

We can assist our clients in registering, licensing and assigning of trademarks as well as their subsequent registration with the Bulgarian Patent Office.

The matters we undertake often include the following services:

• Work with clients that own trademark rights to formulate trademark licensing policies
• Advise as to the international aspects of trademark licensing and assignments
• Patents and patent applications
• Copyright
• Confidentiality matters
• Restrictive covenants/non-compete undertakings
• Joint industry projects
• Commissioned software agreements
• Intellectual property licensing, acquisition and disputes

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