Although that according to the estate agencies, the number of property sales in Bulgaria has increased by 22% in 2011, it must be underlined that this includes the sale of Mall Sofia for 100 million Euros which in fact was about 55% of the investments in the last year. In the last quarter of 2011 the investments in property have reached 186 million Euros which was the highest level since 2008. The Bulgarian market has shown vague signs of recovery but in practice the property prices in 2012 remained the same as last year. The British and the Irish buyers have almost disappeared from the Bulgarian market and the hopes that Russian buyers will enter the market in their place proved to be ungrounded. The property sector is not the major driving force of the Bulgarian economic growth and thus the direct foreign investments are not plenty in it at the moment. This is why the expectations are that the property prices will further decrease by 10-20%.

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